9 birthday traditions for kids

If you like the idea of having special birthday traditions in your family, here is a list of our favorite ideas! They will be a great inspiration for making your child happy on their birthday!


1. Start the day with a little surprise
While the child is still asleep, fill in their bedroom with balloons. Kids love surprises and this will make them start the day with a smile on their face!

Also, you can prepare a special birthday breakfast. One of my favorite ideas is creating a small “cake” using pancakes, whipped cream, and sprinkles and adding a candle on top. You can also use a muffin with a candle on top.

Another nice idea is to decorate the table for breakfast and even wear birthday hats while you eat.

2. Create a treasure hunt that leads to the gift
Instead of just offering the gift to your child, make things more fun by preparing a treasure hunt. Hide clues in different places in the house and invite your child to follow them to get to the gift.

3. Do a birthday interview every year
This is such an easy and fun birthday tradition for kids! You’ll only need a printable birthday interview (you can download it at the end of this post).

Every year do this interview with your child and keep the answers in a special binder. Kids will love to get all the attention and you’ll have a wonderful keepsake from every birthday! Also, it’s really nice to look back at older interviews and see how the answers changed over the years.

4. Create a “What we love about you” jar
All you’ll need is a jar and little note cards (or pieces of paper). Invite your child’s friends and relatives to write down on each note one thing that they love about the birthday child.

Gather notes from as many people as you can, add your own notes, and place them all in the jar. Offer the jar to your child and watch their joy as they discover every note!

5. Decorate the house
Even if you are not holding a birthday party, decorating the house is a great way to bring joy to your child! You can use banners, balloons, paper blooms and notes with birthday wishes placed all around the house.

6. Create a special birthday crown or cape
Another lovely idea is to create a birthday crown or a birthday cape for the child to wear the entire day. It doesn’t have to be something elaborated. Even a crown made of paper and decorated by you can bring a lot of joy!

7. Do an act of kindness together
Children get a lot of attention on their birthday and they also receive nice gifts but I think it’s important to also teach them to be grateful for what they have and think about others as well.

The child can donate some of their old toys or clothes, volunteer at an animal shelter, prepare a blessing bag to give someone in need, or find any other way to show kindness. 

8. Prepare a birthday coupon book for your child
A birthday coupon book is a great way to make kids happy! They will love to have the chance to use the coupons for spending nice moments with you and this will bring you even closer!

9. Offer experiences instead of more stuff
This is one of the birthday traditions that we implemented in our family even before having our son. I used to offer experience gifts to my husband and he did the same on my birthdays.

We realized that enjoying new experiences makes us much happier than receiving more stuff and we tried this with our son too. And he absolutely loved all the experience gifts that we prepared for him!

Not only that they offered us so many happy moments to enjoy together, but they also helped us have less stuff in our house. So we created a tradition to offer him an experience gift on every birthday. And this has been one of the best birthday traditions that we tried so far!