First Year of Marriage Advice

When it comes to the first year of marriage, it can easily be a difficult year. So if you just put the ring on or consider yourself a newlywed, look no further.

We have also been where you are today, know what it feels like, and had some really hard moments during our first few months of marriage.

Our hope is that these resources will guide and help you during your struggles, hard moments, and the adjustments you will go through during your first year. Learn from our mistakes. 🙂

Did you know that:

The first year or first five years of marriage is the period during which the foundation for a marriage is set.
Since the first year is one of the most important years of any marriage, why not use it to build a strong foundation for the lasting marriage you and your spouse desire?

If you are engaged, about to get married or a newlywed, you must listen and apply any positive marriage advice you receive!

Even if it’s from the best marriage books, relationship books, your parents, in-laws, friends, relatives, married couples, co-workers etc.

Just listen. And retain the proven positive marriage advice you hear.

By applying some of the best or greatest marriage advice you receive, you will be well prepared for your marriage.

You and your spouse will be able to intentionally build a strong foundation for the happy and healthy marriage you both desire.

Is the first year of marriage the hardest?
Some couples will say yes, others will say no. Ours has been the hardest year so far, and yours will depend on your marriage.

As a newlywed, surviving the first year of marriage will not be easy. But don’t worry. You will get through it.

There will be some challenges with the adjustments that come from being engaged to being married.

But do not be afraid.

Enjoy your first year, learn, grow together, and remember why you got married in the first place.

Communication will also help you to get through the problems, stress, and issues you might face during your first few years of marriage.

Even if you are passed the first year of your marriage, do not worry, you will definitely improve your marriage by reading them.

First Year of Marriage Advice and Tips for Newlyweds

  • Communicate Better, Build Trust, and Fight Fair With Your Spouse
  • Agree on Your Money and Finances
  • Connect, Dream, and Grow Together as a Married Couple

All of it help you to get to know your partner and grow up the relationship which go on longer and longer.