Gratitude Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Gratitude is all about being thankful and focusing on the good around us. When you learn to be thankful for everything and have an attitude of gratitude, you’ll feel more positive, peaceful and happy each and every day. This Gratitude Scavenger Hunt is perfect for kids and adults to start finding little things to be thankful for. Use this scavenger hunt as a spring bucket list, for a class project, or just to enjoy with your family. Have fun!

1. Find something outside you enjoy looking at
2. Find something that is useful for you
3. Find something that is your favorite color
4. Find something you know someone else will enjoy
5. Find something that makes you happy
6. Find something that tastes good
7. Find something that smells amazing
8. Discover something new
9. Find something that makes you feel safe
10. Find something that makes a beautiful sound
11. Find someone you are grateful for
12. Find something that is unique to you
13. Find something that makes you laugh
14. Find something in the night that you enjoy
15. Find something in the morning that you enjoy
16. Find a friend/pet that you love spending time with
17. Find your favorite place to spend alone time
18. Find something that reminds you of the people you love
19. Find something that you enjoy doing outside with friends
20. Find a place that you love

Teaching Gratitude to Kids

Showing gratitude to others helps everyone around us feel appreciated, loved, and important. Beyond being kind to others, expressing gratitude has lots of awesome benefits for the person feeling grateful too. Our kids can learn so many important lessons by embracing and expressing their own gratitude!

Recently, more and more scientists have begun to study the effects of practicing gratitude has on kids. It turns out the benefits are amazing! But how can we teach our kids to show gratitude and enjoy these awesome benefits?

One fun way is by participating in this gratitude scavenger hunt for kids and adults. It’s perfect for the whole family and easy to do.