A fun list of memorable mom and son date ideas to strengthen your relationship.

I’ll never forget the first time my son said the word “Mommy”. After many months of encouragement he finally got the courage to give it a try and…he nailed it! (Thoroughly melting my heart in the process by the way.) My son’s speech delay has a way of discouraging him at times. He often won’t even attempt to speak a word until he knows he’s already fully mastered it in his mind.

After all this time I never tire of hearing him say the word “Mommy”. And although that name may drop a couple of letters someday, I doubt I ever will.

The Mother Son Relationship Is A Unique Bond

I can’t entirely put my finger on the exact difference of the bonds I share with each of my children. But I believe that God uniquely designed our relationships with our sons and our daughters to be different from one another. While my daughter and I are extremely close and share almost everything together, my son and I have something a bit different.

The thought of him growing up and finding a special lady someday makes me strangely protective and even a bit jealous if I’m completely honest. He’s my son. He belonged to me first. I know that my husband feels equally protective over our daughter. I suppose it’s just the way that God designed our mother/ son and father/daughter relationships.

 Be Intentional In One on One Time

These last few months of quarantine have made me EXTRA excited to get back into the swing of things and go on some fun outings and adventures with my children.

Something that my husband and I discovered early on after our second child was born was the importance of intentional one on one time spent with each of them. I’ve learned that I have to specifically plan these dates and time together or else life will get in the way.

Life distractions are not an excuse for neglecting to spend that much needed time together. There will always be dishes and laundry to do. There will always be meals to prep and cook.

My children will not always be here eagerly awaiting time spent together.

Our Boys Need Time With Us

Over the last few years I’ve also realized that this time together with our children doesn’t have to be an extravagantly planned trip. Lately my son and I have enjoyed taking our new puppy on long walks together. He slips his hand into mine and we chat (mostly about basketball), smile, and laugh for about 30 minutes or so.

Even though he is still quite young, this 30 minutes of just he and I together does wonders for our relationship. I’m pretty sure I know of every single house within a mile radius of our own that has a basketball hoop. Seriously. We count them all on our walks! =)


Below is a list of mom and son date ideas that my son and I are looking forward to experiencing together this year. I hope this list gives you some new ideas as well!

1. Monster Truck Show or Truck and Tractor Pull
It’s funny to me how most boys seem to naturally gravitate towards certain interests- without any prompting whatsoever. My son, like most boys his age, absolutely loves trucks and tractors of any kind! The bigger the better of course!

I’ve noticed that many large cities around the nation hold monster truck shows and plan on giving this one a try someday. I’ve also noticed that many smaller or rural area towns have truck and tractor pulls during the summer months. I imagine that either of these would be a great option for your son.

2. Attend A Sporting Event Together
I realize that not every boy is a sports fan, but for those who are I’d encourage you to try checking out a local sports team. Whether it’s a hometown high school game, college game, or professional team, some one on one time cheering on a favorite team will likely bring many smiles.

3. Outdoor Activity
There’s nothing quite like experiencing God’s beautiful creation firsthand. Going for a bike ride together, jog, hike, fishing, or even to the nearest creek to throw stones can do both of your hearts some good.

4. Dog Shelter Trip
Before you pass this one by because you’re not in the market for a new pet at the moment…please hold up.

Last year, as a family, we went to visit a few dog shelters with no intention of adopting. We said hello and handed out treats to each dog we met as they happily greeted us. These sweet animals are simply looking for someone to love them. We can’t adopt them all, but we can give them some praise, treats, and affection to brighten their day.

5. Special Dessert Outing
Going out to a favorite restaurant is always fun, but why not change it up a bit? You can prepare a yummy meal at home and then treat your son to a special dessert at a local café, bakery, or ice cream shop. Do some research and check out a new place that may just become your new special go to.

6. Air Show
This is one every boy should experience at least once in his lifetime! I have fond memories of going to a few air shows growing up and can’t wait to take my own son someday.

Who doesn’t love the adrenaline rush of experiencing the incredible speeds and sounds of a supersonic jet up close and personal?!
7. Hobby Date
Our children develop interests and hobbies at a very young age. Spending some one on one time with them while doing one of their favorite activities together is a sure win.

This could be as simple as shooting some hoops, going to the batting cages, playing a game of miniature golf, taking a trip to LEGOLAND or a baseball cards show, or doing a wood working project. Tailor it to your son’s interests and make it special.

8. Fire Station/ Airport Tour
I don’t know that I’ve ever met a young boy who isn’t enamored by fire trucks! My husband often takes my son on a bike ride past our town’s fire department and one day there just happened to be a fireman outside as they rode by. He actually welcomed them in for a tour of one of the fire engines as well as the whole building! Our little guy still talks about that experience almost a year later.

Many fire stations will allow for you to schedule a tour or even hold a birthday party at their location. Likewise, you could schedule a tour of your nearest airport or keep it simple and just go to watch the plans take off and land.

9. Nerf Gun/Water Gun Purchase
Not a whole lot of explanation is needed for this one =). Take him to a store to pick out a couple of Nerf guns or water guns and enjoy them when you get home!

I hope this list of date ideas is helpful for you. Please feel free to share any of your own fun ideas with the rest of us!